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This document consists of some reflections on café worship; what it is; a theological exploration of aspects of café worship; a reflection on the practice adopted in one particular church; and some service plans and resources. Café Worship is one of many possible ways forward for the church. It is not the answer to all of our challenges, nor is it being suggested that this is the way forward for all churches. I also want to make it clear at the beginning of this document, that I do not believe that the church should put all its energy in drawing people into its building, nor into the adding of numbers to regular worship and to the church membership. A living church with a building may find café worship a useful and effective tool in drawing new people into church. But that same church is living because its plan to encourage people into the building for worship is matched with its programme for connecting and engaging with its community in a variety of ways. Building up a thriving community within church walls is futile and misguided, if the church is invisible within the community in which it is found. I believe that God is calling his church not just to operate within its own buildings, but to be engaged at every level of community life; not just giving but also receiving; not just teaching but learning; not just evangelising but recognising the work of God already taking place in all people. Our most important task is the building of relationships, which may in God’s way and time lead to lasting relationships not just with ourselves, but with the God we worship and serve. If our faith is of any value in this world today, it’s value is for all. What we have found to be a faith and a way of living that underpins every part of our lives, giving us value and purpose, affirmation and hope, is a possibility for all people. The imperative of who we are as God’s church is to work with God, and let his love be known and named within many lives. Café Worship may help us in that process, and should thus be recognised as a God-given tool for God-given purposes. .

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