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Introduction To Pastoral Care UnitedTheologicalCollege

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Course Description

The course is an introduction of pastoral care ministry to students, with special attention paid to life stages, Spirituality in the African life cycle, premarital and marriage guidance. It deals with care of the sick and bereaved. The course is designed to introduce students to the general understanding of pastoral care and its skills. It also introduces the psychological and theological foundations for pastoral care ministry. The purpose is to help students reflect on the traditional African forms of care, counsel and guidance, and their applicability in Christian pastoral care.


The course aims to introduce students to the contextualization of pastoral care knowledge and skills within the African communities both in the rural and urban communities.


It is hoped that at the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand pastoral care as a vital ministry of the church
  • Understand and appreciate the psychological and theological foundations for the ministry of pastoral care
  • Examine and understand the various forms of African cultural ways of caring for one another, and adopt them for purposes of communicating the gospel at the point of people‚Äôs needs
  • Understand the African life cycle


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Course Staff

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Lecturer: Rev M. Chikosi

Master in Theological studies, Bachelor of Divinity, Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Religious studies

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