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Pastoral Care And Chaplaincy UnitedTheologicalCollege

Course Description

This course is entitled to help theological students to have a wider appreciation of its history, development, functions and career opportunities, locally and globally. It is designed for students who will serve God in pastoral role within the Church or through a chaplaincy role in the community. It will equip students with confidence, skills and knowledge to provide ongoing ethical, moral and spiritual support to people in their spiritual walk with particular emphasis on intercultural and interpersonal communication skills, safe practices, self-care, and solution based counsel. It will also help people in areas of crisis/challenges by attending mental health, suicide, marriage breakdowns and many more.


The purpose of this course is to assist student to use a combined approach to pastoral care on how theological education relates to practical ways of transforming realities of human communities and to realize that giving spiritual care to persons involves ministering to the individuals’ social context and structural systems.


At the end of the course, students will be able:

  • To integrate their spiritual care knowledge and the use of the self to meet spiritual needs, in order to undertake chaplaincy as a skilled pastoral work
  • To understand the spiritual care theory, methods and models of human lifetime and spiritual developments and the implications to enable them to respond to different spiritual need at various stages of life.
  • To apply advanced knowledge and key skills of pastoral care across humanity’s lifetime in professional and voluntary pastoral care within legal, ethical, social context, community, institutional and organizational groups.
  • To display knowledge, skills and behavior needed for the practice of pastoral and spiritual care to Christians and to people with different beliefs in order to bring meaning in crisis moments and promote spiritual growth


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Course Staff

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Lecturer: Rev M. Chikosi

Master in Theological studies, Bachelor of Divinity, Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Religious studies

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