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Course Description

This course will study the theory of spiritual care and counselling in the Christian ministerial context. It will emphasize the foundational counselling skills and processes within a focused structure, short term counselling. The course is designed to equip students with the nature of counselling, the necessary knowledge and skills of pastoral counselling. Its scope will include the pastoral counsellor encounter with people in crises and transitions of life in order to gain awareness and deeper understanding of counselling and healing aspects of the pastoral ministry, pastoral response to crisis, and development of pastoral ministries of care and counselling. The purpose of this course is to assist students to develop mature interests in counselling ministry by familiarizing them with the various skills, theories, methods and processes in light of theology, the realities of ministry and topics of interest that are available and relevant to the effective pastoral counselling ministry.


To adequately prepare students for situations they are likely to face in their ministry so that they work effectively and efficiently as pastoral counselors.


  • To familiarize students with theories, methods, practices and processes of pastoral counselling
  • To help students understand counselling theories, African, and biblical approaches to Counselling
  • To introduce students to the uniqueness of pastoral counselling and increase skills in offering theological thoughtfulness, respect and effective pastoral counseling
  • To introduce a systematic understanding of individual and community assessment towards engagement of collaborative approaches in providing counselling
  • To prepare students to use a holistic approach during their engagement with congregants and community.


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Course Staff

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Lecturer: Rev. M. Chikosi

Masters in Theological studies (USA- Boston University) Bachelor of Divinity (Africa University, ZIM), Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Religious Studies (UTC, ZIM)

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