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Intro the Phenomenology of Religion UnitedTheologicalCollege

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Course description

The central goal of this course is to discern the meaning of religion from a phenomenological perspective. The course examines methods for the study of religion and explores categories of religious phenomena including myths, sacred places and others. Specific religious traditions are studied in overview such as Hinduism, Islam, Taoism and others, and special reference is paid to the traditional religions of Zimbabwe.

This course aims at introducing students to the study of religion using the phenomenological approach. Students have to appreciate that traditional religions of Zimbabwe are a historical reality.


  1. To acquaint the students with issues of methodology in the field of religious studies.
  2. To provide an overview of African Traditional Religions as part of the religious history of humankind.
  3. To introduce the students to the basic history and beliefs of some of the religions of the world.
  4. To cultivate an appreciation of the religious diversity in the world/religious pluralism in the spirit of dialogue and tolerance.
  5. To explore the relevance of studying religions of the world in Zimbabwe today.


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Lecturer: Rev. N. Mandevhana

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