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Course Description

The course introduces the students to analytical and critical tools in Christian Theology. It begins with a study of the nature and necessity of doing theology in the contemporary world. Primary attention is given to the method of theology, and the authority of God’s self-disclosure in Scripture. The subject also delves into major theological doctrines and their development within the Christian tradition.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course student should be able:

  • To articulate and defend the essential theological doctrines of the historic Christian faith.
  • To grasp with greater depth and clarity the interrelationships between various doctrines with the goal of formulating a contextual Christian worldview.
  • To integrate theological doctrines with contemporary issues thus learning how to do theology in the context of poverty, suffering and oppression.
  • To appreciate how the church was stumbled by the doctrinal issues of her time and how she managed to contain them.
  • To use theological doctrines in ministry.


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Course Staff

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Lectuere: Rev Dr. M. Mujinga

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