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African Traditional Religions UnitedTheologicalCollege

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Course Description

This course expolres African traditional Religious belief(s) and practice(s). The central goals is to put African Traditional Religion into it's proper perspective. The course involves a brief survey of the historical and methodological approaches to the study of the subject. Selected Zimbabwean indigenous religions, such as Shona and Ndebele are examined with an aim to achieve a knowledge and understanding of the significance of African Traditional Religious Systems.


  • To acquaint students with a variety of methodological approaches used in the study of African Traditional Religion(s)
  • To try and develop a sense of African identity and cultivate an appreciation of traditional religion(s)
  • To establish that ATR is one of the major Religious systems of the world.
  • To promote an understsnding of the significance of African religious conviction in a pluralistic context.


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Lecturer: Rev N. Mandevhana

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