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Old Testament Studies II UnitedTheologicalCollege

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Course Description

The course is an examination of the Phenomenon of Prophecy in Ancient Israel including its possible origins in the N. E. from the emergence of this phenomenon probably around 1250BC or 1150 BC until 500 BC.


The aim of the course is to help/guide students to understand the concept of prophecy, the question of its possible origins in Ancient Israel, the activities associated with individual prophets e.g. (Moses, Samuel, Nathan, Gad, Ahijah of Shiloh, Elijah, Elisha etc.) and the messages of selected individual prophets.


  1. To introduce students to Ancient Israelite prophecy through an analysis of prophetic narratives as given in:
    • The Hebrew Bible
    • The Ancient Near East Texts of all kinds.
  2. To expose students to the cultural, geographical and political world of the prophets including the broader socio-cultural, Religious and political world of the Ancient Near Eastern World (A.N.E).
  3. To examine the diversities in the phenomenon of prophecy through an analysis of the texts and assess scholarly views/opinions on these diversities.

Course Staff

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Lecturer: Rev. E. Hove

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