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Christianity In Africa UnitedTheologicalCollege

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Course Description

This course will introduce students to the origin and development of Christianity in Africa paying attention to how the mode of its communication influenced Africans’ perceptions and belief systems. The course is also designed to introduce students to major events in the history of the church, historical developments, some religious movements that affected the church in history and some doctrinal issues which have influenced and shaped the church in African history.
Course objectives:

  1. To help students to develop a critical approach in examining history of Christianity in Africa using the historical method that will help them to have a deeper and better understanding of the church and its contribution to world history.
  2. To assist students to understand primary facts, significant events and main movements that impacted the church in Africa.
  3. To acquaint students with some of the key figures in the church whose lives influenced Christianity in Africa.
  4. To enable students to be aware of the triumphs and failures of the church in Africa.
  5. To enable students to gain a proper historical perspective on the church today in order to understand its present condition and challenge.

Course Staff

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Lecturer: Rev. Dr. S. Madhiba

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