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Course Description

This course is an applied an philosophical study of morality and ethics from a religious point of view. The course critically analyses the concepts of morality and ethics and asses the different moral approaches of selected world religions .Different ethical approaches are going to be traced from their ancient Greek origins to the modern period and they will be compared with the religious concept of ethics. In this course contemporary moral issues will be given attention as well as the moral dilemmas posed by these ethical issues. Attention will also be given to the ways in which different religious traditions have addressed these issues.

Course objectives

By the end of the course students should:
  1. Develop an appreciation of morality as a field of study.
  2. Be tolerant to ideas and beliefs of other religions.
  3. Asses constructively beliefs and moral values different from their own.
  4. Develop well defended viewpoints on controversial ethical issues.
  5. Become better citizens both in their professional lives and in their day to day moral judgments.


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