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World Religions and Ideologies UnitedTheologicalCollege

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Course Description

This course looks at different approaches to the academic study of religion, different religious perspectives are considered in order to try and cover the majority of the world religions. Comparative and phenomenological approaches, in addition to many other methods, are applied in examining common themse identified from religious traditions. The course is divided into two sections, methodological section and section on common themes.


This course aims at acquainting students of Religion to different approaches pf the study of Religion and they should develop an analytic mind. Students have to appreciate that Christianity exists in a religious pluralistic environment.


  • To acquaint students to different methodologies approaches.
  • To apply the methods which they are introduced to in their religious life.
  • To develop an objective rather than a subjective approach when looking at the religions of the world.
  • To mingle and associate with people of different faiths and maintain their religious position/affliation.
  • To compare religious phenomena of different religious.
  • To develop a sense of appreciation why ideologies are studied together with religions.


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Lecturer: Rev. N. Mandevhana

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