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Course Description

This course surveys the origins, content and context of Christian Worship within the broad tradition of the Christian Church. Emphasis is put on the history and tradition of Jesus and the Apostles in creating a basic appreciation of the meaning and content of worship within the Christian tradiotion, with particular attention and interest in the Spiritual and Africanness of the area of Study.

Course Objectives

  • To introduce the student to the basic appreciation of the nature of Christian Worship.
  • To help students explore the ultimate meaning of worship as a basic expression of faith.
  • To help students understand the varied aspects of worship in the context of faith expression.
  • To appreciate the signficance of Christian Worship in a religiosly plural society.
  • To understand and practice Worship from an African and Christian Spiruality.


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Course Staff

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Lecturer: Rev. N. Mandevhana

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