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Theology And Development UnitedTheologicalCollege

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Course overview

The course introduces students to fundamental issues to do with Church involvement in development. It's emphasis is on different tools, wherther theoretical and/or pragmatic, which can assist the churches and theology in their public responsibility as they are involved in the development discourse and practice within congregations, communities and organisations. All in all, the modules nuttures a crtical reflection on the interconnectedness of development thinking and practice.

Course Outcomes

  • The student will become familiar with a variety of theoretical and pragmatic tools to assist churches in the development discourse and practice.
  • The student will gain insight as to the nature, role and contribution of theology in critical, responsible participation within the development discourse.
  • The student will deepen their exposure to and experience in development initiatives.
  • The student will further develop a rationale and vision for their leadership engagement with regard to the development discourse and practice

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Lecturer: Rev V. Mhaka

Dip in Education - Marymount, BTH Honours, MTH, PhD Candidate UKZN

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