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United Theological College

Situated eleven kilometers East of Harare, the United Theological College (hereinafter called the UTC) is the oldest and biggest Protestant Ecumenical Seminary in sub-Saharan Africa. This unique school was founded by the Wesleyan Methodist in 1954 and was then named Epworth Theological College. In the 1960s the mainline protestant Churches became shareholders in the College hence the change of name to United Theological College, in 1976, to reflect the institution’s Ecumenical nature. The UTC has continued to serve as the unique center for pastoral formation and leadership development not only for the Zimbabwean Church but across the continent. This College is home to just over four hundred (+400) persons (including children). This Institution trains Christian Pastors and equips them with practical and relevant skills of ministry response to the socio- political challenges and moral decadency. This is done through authentic and contextual theological discourse which enables awareness for rethinking the mission and role of the Church in a changing world order. Through such programs, a conscience to action is being realized through Christian education programs that emphasizes Christian ethics, norms and values which promote the common good of all.